Diana Nitescu (Project Manager)


The founder of the "Petrom Olympics" Programme. Programme Certifications: I Level Expert in personal development and career orientation; International certificate in NLP, DNA, Human Design, Intuitive Anatomy (USA, Germany, Switzerland); National Certificate as a trainer, coach, project manager and HR evaluation; Awards: Project of the year (Cisco Systems, 2004); Award for International Activity (Atlas, 2007); Community Involvement Award (ARC and American Chamber of Commerce, 2012); 2nd place for the Petrom Olympics programme (Romanian CSR Awards, 2013) plus another 9 nominations for national and international awards. Activity: participant in 10 international education conferences (Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Italy, France); Articles published in The Parliament Magazine (the official publication of the European Parliament)

Life as a Petrom Olympic award winner


During the first year you don't hear anything from what you're told here. During the second year you hear, but you disagree. During the third year you stop denying, but you're not convinced either, yet you start searching, checking and thinking. Until the fourth year you start agreeing with us and you start doing something with your life. In the fourth year you already know what you want or you've already attained something good in your life. In the fifth year you are suitable to be given as an example. If we add another 2 years for the unexpected, then we've got around 7 years! So, Happy Birthday Petrom Olympics! (+ higher speed!)

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Address: Constantin Budisteanu nr. 11, sector 1

Phone: 0722 831 833


Skype: diananitescu


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