…this summer is about YOU

In a world full of possibilities and opportunities, in which every field is based on the others. In a market slightly out-of-phase from the world reality in which you have the impression that there are a few queen jobs (IT) to the detriment of others (science and research). In a society in which you are requested to be oriented although nobody teaches you how to orient yourself, the youth and their parents are confronted with the difficulty of the choice.

Many times we make choices based on the model: “what subjects am I good at”, “what is mostly demanded”. “what is best paid”, “where my other friends are going” or “what recommendations I have about university X”.

All these are subjective criteria, which have nothing to do with our potential, with our not yet manifested talent and personal genius.

In order to promote the individual value we are launching in 2017 a career orientation campaign for Olympics, employee children and any other youths who want to use objective criteria in choosing his/her field (science/ arts) or his/her university.


Instruments used:


- instrument produced in Canada

- is used through the touch of the device with both hands

- offers information about the electromagnetic field of the brain

- only one scan which lasts 5 minutes is done

- reports generated:

  Personality Report

  63 Psychological Indicators Report

  Cognitive Intelligence Report

  Emotional Intelligence Report



- instrument produced in the USA

- is used through the touch of the device with one hand

- 2 scans, each lasting 3 minutes, are done

- reports generated:

  Energy level Report

  Stress level Report

  Emotions Report

  General electromagnetic field Report

  Energy typology Report



- instrument theoretically grounded in the UK

- generates instant report only through the introduction of a few personal data

- also offers 3 books for the more profound understanding of the reports

- The report shows:

   1. active genes

   2. life themes (fundament, interrelation, mission)

   3. information about the individual ancestral information

!!! We also work with effective genetic tests done in the USA, however, at this point in time these reports do not offer relevant information for career orientation. This is why we have chosen this very useful theoretical model in order to enhance the information obtained from the MindMi and AuraCloud scans.


Organization Data:

Place:               Bucharest (Petrom City)

Phases:            1 - 10 July instrument evaluation (1h/pers)

                          11 - 23 July Report sending (7 pieces)

                          11 July - 11 August Individual meetings (3h/pers)

Instruments: 1. MindMi (Canada)

                          2. AuraCloud (SUA)

                          3. KeyGen (UK)

Tax:                   for free - Petrom Olympics

                          800 lei – Petrom employees children

                          1 000 lei - externals

                          The tax covers the cost of 7 reports, 3 books and individual counseling

Registration:  until the 1st of July 2017 by sending an e-mail with the following information:  

                          Child name




                          Parent contact information (e-mail, mobile)

Contact:          Diana Nitescu

                          mobile: 0722 831 833



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Address: Constantin Budisteanu nr. 11, sector 1

Phone: 0722 831 833


Skype: diananitescu


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