…for a generation in PROgress

In adolescence and youth you have sufficient intelligence in order to see things which do not work around you and sufficient energy to want to change the world.

You have so much energy that you are willing to join causes which promise the eradication of the old and its replacement with something new, fresh, functional.

How realistic and successful are such causes we know. We also know how half of the adolescent enthusiasm is reduced throughout life precisely because big changes do not show up.

We know there is much more impact to write, to say, to scream if something does not work, but the impact does not solve problems. The impact only creates image.

In order to solve a problem you need to practically do something, move something, try a new way.

Therefore, we provide you with the opportunity to touch reality and propose something new.

Innovation Contest

Tell us simply and clearly your practical ideas which you can transform into reality with a little bit of support from our side or from some specialists in the area.

Believe in your idea and feel as if it is almost done!

Place:            national level

Period:          10 May - 30 December

Phases:         P1 - 10 May - 1 July registration of ideas

                       P2 - 1 - 15 July selection of ideas with Innovation potential

                       P3 - 15 July - 15 August presentation preparation

                       P4 - August – September presentations and selection 1

                       P5 - September - November enhancement of ideas and selection 2

                       P6 - December awarding ideas

Fields:           Medicine, Physics, Industry, IT&C, Artificial intelligence, Information processing, Business,

                       My OMV Petrom

Age:               12 - 30 years

Budget:        6 000 euro

Registration: until the 1st of July 2017 by sending the following to

                       Your idea


                       Year/ Class

                       University/ School

                       Domicile City

                       Contact (e-mail, mobile)

Contact:       Diana Nitescu

                       mobile: 0722 831 833



1. Participating to SummerINT helps with the understanding of the context

2. Please check beforehand if your idea is new or not. In case not, please mention the innovation

    element proposed by you.

Filed details:


(including genetics, neurology, biochemistry, stem cells, etc.)


(including electronics and electro-technics projects)


(any software/device which can be applied in different industries and which contributes to the increase of efficiency)


(any idea/application/ device which optimizes a current human process)

Artificial intelligence 

(practical and useful applications/products)

Information processing 

(applications, devices, ideas for efficient analysis of large and diverse information volumes)


(economic models, start-ups, business ideas)

My gas stations 

(innovation ideas)

!!! The above presented items are only suggestions, please do not limit yourselves to these.


Contact Information


Address: Constantin Budisteanu nr. 11, sector 1

Phone: 0722 831 833


Skype: diananitescu


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