…because INTelligence is trendy

Many times we firstly ask ourselves the question: “How?” as opposed to “Why?”. This means we are much more preoccupied with how to make a CV, letter of intention, how to negotiate a salary, how to get a loan, etc.. So, we want to know before we understand.

We call you this summer to understand “Why?”. Because if you understand why you do certain things, why there is a need for certain things then you will also know how to do them, you will know how to best approach them and you will no longer follow models.

In practical terms we teach you only HOW to orient yourself alone in the world, in situations, contexts and diverse paradigms.

We will take real life situations in which we will talk about HOW, but in the context of WHY. Because if you understand something, then you know.

And because our 3 day real work interaction should not remain unpracticed, we co-opt you to create an event together, something more than virtual…

Let’s create effervescence!

Find out from where we begin, but thinking where we can reach.

Place:           Buchrest

Phases:        15 - 17 August high school youths and students with preparation in the science area

                       19 - 21 August high school youths and students with preparation in the arts area

                       23 - 25 August children 10 - 14 years

Instruments: for high school youths and students

                        Virtual Reality Center, film, CV, letter of intention, salary negotiation during employment

                        interview, offer analysis, documents, news, information processing software and artificial


                        For children:

                        The house of experiments, virtual reality center, Therme Park, etc.

                        !!! All these instruments are only tentatively presented

Tax:                 600 lei + accommodation Bucharest (aprox. 250 lei/2 nights)

                         The tax includes: access objectives, room, food, materials, transport to events in Bucharest.

Transport:      round trip home – Bucharest is individually organized by each participant

                          Petrom employees can opt for free transport through CREM, individually organized.                     

Registration:  until the 1st of June 2017 by sending an e-mail with the following information:   

                           Child name




                           Parent contact information (e-mail, mobile)

Contact:           Diana Nitescu

                            mobile: 0722 831 833


Observations: Participating to SummerSELF increases the effects of this module


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Address: Constantin Budisteanu nr. 11, sector 1

Phone: 0722 831 833


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