Ceremony Award December 2016


Send us your high - performance until November, 15. We evaluate, select and then award you. Read below what you have to do.


Send us your high - performance until November, 15. We evaluate, select and then award you. Read below what you have to do.

Campaign information

Timeframe:               15 Oct - 15 Nov

Deadline:                  15 Nov 2016

Place:                         National campaign in the oil & gas industry 

Organizer:                S.N. Petrom

Sponsor:                    OMV Petrom

Target group:           children of the oil & gas industry employees, aged 7 to 25 years old, enrolled in an  

                                     accredited form of education (high school, undergraduate, graduate)

Contact:                     Diana Nitescu, Project Manager.

                                    phone: 0722 831 833, e-mail: dianan@olimpiciipetrom.com

Address:                     S.N. Petrom Bucharest Office: 11 bis C-tin Budisteanu, sector 1

Registration:             S.N. Petrom Ploiesti Office: 7 Mihai Eminescu 7, 2 floor


Application Information

Selection criteria

1. Performance

    a. National Olympiads, prizes I, II, III and honorable mentions

    b. International Olympiads, I, II, III and honorable mentions

    c. Knowledge business winners

    d. Prizes in artistic competition finals (Next Star, Romanian’s got talent, The Voice Romania and so on)

    e. Prizes in national sports competitions, finals (I, II, III)

     f. Prizes in international sports competitions, finals (I, II, III)

     g. Students with an average grade of minimum 9.80 or with prizes in national/international scientific  

         sessions during the current year

      h.Young entrepreneurs with an income in 2016

2. You can submit your application for any performance mentioned above. Exception: Knowledge business      contest.

3.  Applications can be sent until 11 Nov 2016. For any performance estimated after this deadline please contact the project manager.

4.  The Olympics must have at least one parent employed in the oil & gas industry

5.  The application must enclose ALL the requested documents

6.  The performance must have been obtained in 2016, in national/international school Olympiads or sports competitions and be accredited by the official superior forum in that domain (Ministries, Sports’ Federations, National Sports Agency and so on)

7.  For sports: cups, school Olympiads or any types of competitions outside the final phase of the national/international championships from the Sports Federation calendar are NOT taken into consideration.

8.  For the cognitive domains intermediate Olympiad phases are NOT taken into consideration.

9.  The candidates must be the children of oil & gas industry employees, aged between 7 and 25 years old and enrolled in an accredited form of education (pre - university, university, post - university).


Application documents

1. Application form (see attachment 3 – must be requested from the organizer)

2. Certificate of employment, dated starting October 15, 2016, from the human resources department, Bucharest

3. Proof of performance from 2016, original and copy

Obs: the original will be returned to the Olympian during the awarding ceremony or through fast delivery, after February 1, 2017

4. Authorized translation for diplomas in a foreign language other than English/French

5. Identity card of the child/ birth certificate (copy). The birth certificate only for children under 14 years old + a photography

6. Legal documents for the case where there are differences between the parent’s and the child’s names. The documents must prove the relationship between the parent and the child.

7. Membership agreement Petrom Olympics (attachment 4 – must be requested from the organizer)

8. Company documents (only for entrepreneurs)

    Those who get their salary as PFA do not count as entrepreneurs.

-       Last financial balance submitted to the Finance Department

-       CUI

-       Company statute

-       Diplomas, prizes or any recognition form for the company



The application cannot be sent through email/ fax and the requested documents must be the original ones, except from the copies of the identity card and company documents.


Every applicant with eligible performance, please contact the project manager Diana Nitescu as early as possible, for sending the application until November 15, 2016 


Contact Information


Address: Constantin Budisteanu nr. 11, sector 1

Phone: 0722 831 833

Email: dianan@olimpiciipetrom.com

Skype: diananitescu


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